Monthly Goals: September

Every year I’m so glad it’s summer and then every year I’m so glad summer is over and we can get back to our routines. My goals this month revolve around the idea of routine and getting us all feeling good and comfortable with work and school and new activities.

*Morning routine for myself: I would love to have a bit of time in the morning to just take care of myself. Whether that is a cup of coffee in peace or getting my workout in I’m not sure yet, I just know I can be a more relaxed mom getting us all out the door if I build in that time for me.

*Mile a day: I want to walk outside (weather permitting!) at least a mile a day. For physical and mental health.

*Writing schedule: With all three kids in school at least part of the day (hopefully, we all know this is not a given anymore) I’ve worked out how I would like to divide up my writing time between stuff for the blog and for my book. I would love to find a flow that really works for me and makes me feel like I have room in my day for writing.

*Working out: I did a 90 workout challenge that I absolutely loved this summer and I want to keep it up! My goal is to plan out my workouts for the week every Sunday and remember that I feel so much better when it’s a regular part of my day.

What have you got going on this month? Any changes with the season that get you excited? I feel like even thought I’m not in school anymore, the beginning of the school year still feels like a fresh start.

2 thoughts on “Monthly Goals: September”

  1. I think those are excellent goals! 90 workouts sounds like a lot for three months – you have my envy at your perseverance! I am going back to teaching in person this semester, so changes such as having to commute every day will no doubt bring some new challenges. Onwards to a great autumn!


  2. My children are grown sow so I have plenty of time I start with 10 mins meditation then a cup of tea in bed followed by a Joe Wicks workout or yoga with Adriene Then I walk my dogs. I don’t usually eat before 12 as I started intermittent fasting about 18 months ago. It seems to work for me.


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