What I Wore: Aug 9th-13th

Today I have a post I hope to make a monthly thing, What I Wore This Week. It’s just like it sounds, I’m going to check in every day and share what I’m wearing. Where I can I will link previous blog posts or shops.

The purpose of these posts is not to flaunt my high fashion style, because that’s pretty laughable when you see what I’m sharing today! Instead it’s really me trying to lean into sustainable fashion and showing how I wear my handmade clothes and also how I wear the same things over and over again, like we all do! Brand new and shiny is fun, but that’s not how we all dress in real life. If you like this idea you should also check out the #memadeonrepeat hashtag on instagram to see more sewists wearing their clothes in every day life!

This week I’m sharing August 9th-13th which was our last real week of summer. I was home for most of the week doing things around the house and I also was working out every day so there are outfit changes. The special thing that happened this week was Chris and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and I had fun whipping up a dress to wear for a surprise date night out! Otherwise, this is pretty much what I’ve been wearing all summer long.

Monday: I started the day in some handmade workout clothes. This summer I did the Summertime Fine 3.0 90 day program from Sydney Cummings on Youtube and I loved it!! I’ve been putting my workout attire to good use and this set was a part of my Workout Collection last year, and I’m happy to say all of these pieces get worn a ton and are holding up well. Click that post for all the details on patterns and fabrics!

Tuesday: I got out for a meeting in the real world today so got dressed in one of my outfits from my summer capsule. This is an old t-shirt from Target that I’m thinking I need to recreate, I love the fit of it so much. These are these pants from Amazon. I can’t say I love the fabric, and they would be very easy to make on your own, but I have been wearing them quite a bit. A great comfortable pair of pants that are cool and still easy enough to play on the floor with the kids in. These shoes are one of my favorite purchases this summer, they are this Franco Sarto pair from DSW.

Wednesday: Chris surprised me with a date night to celebrate our 15 year anniversary! I whipped up McCalls 8174 and loooove how it turned out. I will be making a whole post for this dress.

Thursday: More workout gear and a lot of cleaning around the house. You can find info on this in that same blog post about my workout collection!

Friday: And here is a pretty good look at what I’ve mostly been wearing this summer. These shorts from Madewell that you should probably size down in but I actually love them a little loose and have been wearing non stop. This Tyra t-shirt from Just Patterns was one I made and wasn’t sure about and now I reach for again and again. It’s got me wanting a lot more basic t shirts in my closet so look for some plans coming up on how to make that happen!

Thanks for following along with me this week! Let me know if there’s any links or info I missed. I hope these posts normalize wearing the same things over and over because we all do it and it’s honestly the most sustainable option we have in our closet!

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