Yesterday my babies (will I ever think of them as anything else?) turned ten. TEN! I’ve been all kinds of emotional about it. So much has happened and changed in that time period and so many wonderful memories have been made.

My parents came in for a long weekend and we had a great time celebrating. Mom and I got a night away (and a massage!) and the feeling of being in downtown Denver and seeing and hearing people felt so good. We also ate some amazing seafood and I slept like a log! I highly recommend trying out a staycation as your first step back into the world. I’m looking forward to exploring Denver more now that things are opening up!

For the kids, we surprised them Monday by skipping school and heading for a day at the zoo. They were so excited and I think it felt special and fun and the fact that parties are still not happening didn’t matter one bit.

I try to not put them too much online, as the internet is forever and anyone can access this, but I want to say the following and hope that if they were to read it as adults they would feel it to be deeply true as my hope is that as a parent they feel this every day.

For ten years these two have been nothing but joy. Not just for Chris and me, but for our entire families and for many of our friends. Their bond and relationship has been incredible to watch as has seeing them turn into their own individual persons. I could not be prouder of these two and it is my honor to raise them as human beings. They teach me more each day than I could possibly teach them.

I hope they look back on these past ten years and feel all the love and laughter and remember this past year as one of growth and resilience. I wish they (and all our children) never had to know what Covid was. I wish I had never had to disappoint them or keep them home or cancel fun plans. But they will be better for it and already I see them appreciating the small things, like a surprise trip to the zoo!, so much more.

I hope they know how much I like them, I can’t wait for school to be out right now so they can get home and play with me! Summer is my favorite because of all the time we get together and I am anxiously counting down the next two weeks until we get to go on adventures again.

These two are the best and while I’m sad it’s all gone by so fast, I have honestly enjoyed being their mom more than I ever thought possible and I can’t wait for the next ten years I get to spend with them.

And if you ever find yourself having twins or talking to someone pregnant with twins, please send them my way. I will have some advice but mostly I will let them know, twins are fantastic! and they’ll forget they were ever scared once they have those two babies in their arms.

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