My Top 5 McCall’s Spring/Summer Patterns

McCall’s released their new spring/summer collection over the weekend and I had fun on Instagram talking about it with people. There were 40 patterns and a nice variety in my opinion. I feel like McCall’s has decided who their demographic is and since leaning into the ‘younger’ ‘trendier’ vibe, I feel like the styling and patterns are all much more cohesive. Even if some aren’t something I want to make, I can appreciate what they were trying to do.

It’s interesting to me that they have changed the branding yet again. The packaging is different and they’ve done away with the hashtag names for patterns (which hurray, I couldn’t keep track of those and prefer the numbers!). I would love to know the thoughts behind that. I noticed Simplicity’s spring release had a new look to it as well!

There were also more misses patterns and in more varied silhouettes, which is nice!, but I still don’t know why the whole collection can’t be more size inclusive? They also had quite a few costumes, which is not something I make, but I feel like it’s a great idea to grab onto all the new sewists out there that learned to sew during the pandemic. I know there are a lot of people that love costumes and having a wide variety to make your own is pretty cool.

Here are my five favorite patterns in no particular order!


There were a lot of square necklines in this collection and I’m loving it! This little blouse looks really wearable and I liked the different sleeve options. It’s one to me that could read a little young, but in the right fabric could become a go to blouse in the hotter months. Friday Pattern Company does have the square neck top that gives me similar vibes and would be easy to hack with some ruffles if you liked that more.


I think I owned this cami version in several forms during my college days, but you know what? This style of bodice looks good on my smaller chest and I could absolutely see myself making a couple of these versions. I might leave off the little ruffle for the cami, but I love the big sleeves on version B too!


Yes I will be making version C in a rib knit. Love it. End of story.


Ok, look past the weird minnie mouse styling on this one, and just appreciate it for the little baby doll dress that it is. I love the sleeveless version especially for summer. Again this bodice is one that is flattering on my smaller chest and I think in the right fabric could look much less juvenile than it does styled up here.


I think this is my favorite of the bunch! I love all the sleeve options and that open back is just beautiful. A great throw on dress but could also be dressed up a little.

What did you think of the collection? I would love to hear your thoughts or what were your favorites. You can browse them all here!

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