Sewing My Spring Capsule///Pietra Pants

I have my second piece of my Spring Capsule Wardrobe to share with you today!! I’ve already started wearing these on the regular and I love how they turned out. Here’s a look at the second bottom in my capsule.

The Capsule Piece: The spring capsule from Everyday Style comes with a color palatte, but if you don’t like it she offers some great tips on how to change it up. Since I am pretty clear in what my colors are, this was an easy one to do. I swapped out the color navy for this rust/cinnamon/terracotta color that I love and have been wearing as a neutral. The capsule called for a pair of navy pants so I made these instead!

The Pattern and Fabric: This pattern is one I have made before and I wear all the time. These are the Pietra Pants by Closet Core patterns and I made them with this lovely lyocell twill from Melanated Fabrics. I love tencel and lyocell twills (essentially the same thing, different brands) for drapey pants. They are heavy enough to wear well and hold any details like pockets, but have a beautiful drape and easy feel.

Details: I made version B, the tapered leg, in a straight size 8. I wanted this version because I thought it would be easier to swap out shoes- booties, flats, sneakers even- and wear into the summer. I made one stupid error where I put the pockets on the wrong way, but I don’t know if it will matter to anyone but me.

How I plan to wear it: With all the shoes! I experimented a bit and I think I love these pants with a lot of different shoes. I also loved playing with this color and lightening it up with my springy palatte. These pants have been on heavy rotation! I love the flat front with elastic back, the perfect pant for easing back into the real world…

3 thoughts on “Sewing My Spring Capsule///Pietra Pants”

  1. Well done. I am rejecting black and navy as core colors. I also am in love with that rust color and have added mint and lilac, lavender and a number of greens to my neutral sunset inspired palette of browns, rose, peach, denim blue and gold. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to mix rust/cinnamon tones while playing with these newer to me pastels, but you have affirmed my choice. Fab! Also loving the lavender shoes!


  2. They look great on you! The main difference between Tencel and Lyocell is that Lenzig certifies Tencel to be made in an environmentally closed-loop cycle that is not harmful to people working in the production of the fabric. They also certify the workers are paid a fair wage and treated humanely. But, as far as the fabric, they are pretty much the same. Lyocell can be made and dyed with different chemicals and there might be some slight difference in the fabric, just as there is with all rayon-type of materials.


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