Around Here

I think the big news around here right now is that Chris and I got our first vaccine!! I was overwhelmed with emotion when I got mine. Seeing all the people there, both getting vaccinated and volunteering to help vaccinate others, filled me with so much hope and love for humanity. It was so dramatic but also felt just about right after such a horrible year.

The kids are really into all things King Kong and Godzilla so we’ve been spending our movie nights watching all those movies. They are also very keen to ‘make money’ so chores have been done daily without much coercing on my part.

Sam is walking/climbing/clamoring on any and everything. He’s still not talking, but don’t you worry, he is very good at communicating his wants and he is very clear in exactly what he wants. Ah… two year olds.

It’s snowy here this week with promises of warm weather this weekend. It’s been nice to play outside when it’s warmer and Chris and I are making plans on updating our outdoor spaces a bit.

I also can’t wait to start in on my garden! Hopefully in a month or so I will be updating on that! In the meantime we’re having fun watching the wildlife walk by. Elk, deer, a beautiful red fox, some wild turkeys, and a bobcat I finally got a good picture of that you can see above!

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