Does Fashion Even Matter Right Now?

I’ve been reflecting on my closet and what I wear and have started sharing the process of building my spring wardrobe here, but I have to admit that I often wonder, does talking about fashion and clothes even make sense right now? So much is going on in the world, so many people are in pain and need. Why spend a breath or a blog post talking about what we’re wearing?

Well I think a few reasons. I hope it’s obvious I do not think fashion is as important as racial justice. Or climate change. Or the pandemic. But I think they are all interlinked and by shrinking from the ownership of our day to day decisions, we are throwing up our hands like nothing we do can make much difference anyway.

That’s just not true. Unless you are reading in the nude (which, hey! props to you!) you made a decision about what you put on your body today. And whatever that is, it means people sold it to you. People made it. People sourced the fabric. There is a long line and a whole lot of people from around the world that are affected by the clothes you purchase and put on your body. Being more aware of this and making decisions that are informed and intentional can only lead to good things for everyone in that long production line.

We need to quit saying that fashion is frivolous. It’s a multi billion dollar industry! There’s nothing frivolous about it! Also, choosing to make purchases and wear clothes that you feel good about and make you feel good is a great thing.

No, looking stylish won’t change the world, but feeling like your best self shouldn’t be looked down upon. The power that can come from loving how you look is real and anyone that says otherwise isn’t being honest. You don’t have to follow fashion magazines or invest time in learning the newest trends. You can simply focus on what you love and what fits best and that be all the energy you put into it. There isn’t fashionista or nothing!

We also need to recognize that no matter how conscious we are in our buying choices, no matter how much work we put into owning our style, it’s absolutely ok and necessary for things to change.

This past year is a great example! I’m sure we are all getting dressed very differently and how we wear our clothes has changed. Our bodies change, how we spend our time changes, our lives change. We need our wardrobes to change and know how to make that happen in order to continue to love what we wear.

When we stop and assess our clothes- what we wear, where we shop, and how we shop- we can make intentional choices that move outside the realm of fashion. I hope you can build a closet where you walk in and you love everything in it and you wear it all with pride!

And please remember “Not to strut your stuff outrageously is a crime!” 😉

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