Week in the Sewing Life No. 10

I haven’t done one of these in a few weeks, but here’s what’s been going on over here!

I’ve been getting my spring wardrobe ready. I’m excited to share the capsule that I’m building and my resources for it soon and more than anything I’m excited to dress for spring. It’s snowy and cold this weekend but I know those sunny warm days are just around the corner… Right!??!?!

Next week I’ll share thoughts and plans and then I hope there are a lot of finished garments up on the blog for the weeks to come. I’m also hoping to build my handmade wardrobe page that I have linked up there at the top of my blog. I would love for you to be able to see all my makes and easily click through to find links and descriptions. I’m thinking starting with this new season may be easiest!

I’ll be hunkering down this weekend and getting some sewing in. I’ve been sharing a lot of makes as I go on Instagram if you want to follow along there!

Looking through articles I bookmarked, here is a free tutorial for a twisted headband. I might see if Harper and I could whip some of these up this weekend.

I am loving all the photos coming out of the ‘House of Gucci’ set! This is a cool article about the costume design.

The Ancient Fabric No One Knows How to Make’ That’s all you need to know, go dive into it!

This article is about the Swedish crochet artist responsible for all the British rockers wearing crochet back in the day is interesting.

This is old, but our Interior Secretary Deb Haaland being sworn in wearing traditional Native American clothing is pretty cool. I’ve been thinking a lot about why clothing is important, and a moment like this proves that clothes absolutely have power to speak for us.

And finally, a nice tribute to the ballerina Misty Copeland. Representation matters and hearing other dancers reflect on her legacy is pretty cool.

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