Winter Makes Wrap Up!

I wanted to put together a wrap up of all the things I made this winter (Jan- now) and listen… the number is high. 24 things! in 3 and a half months!

There is no way this is sustainable, nor do I need this many new things in my life. I’m including some house projects and quite a few kid related projects in that number, but still. It’s high. But, it’s still a pandemic, it’s been pretty snowy and cold here, and I’ve gotten into a good work flow that helps me get through projects fairly quickly.

When I look at all these makes there was really only one true fail, the bomber jacket!, and everything else has been getting worn on the regular. That makes me feel good and like I’m on the right track in building a wardrobe I love.

I also tackled three coats/jackets as part of my make 9. I have some thoughts on coat making and I hope to make some more this fall and winter.

  1. You just have to jump in. It’s scary! There are a lot of steps and pieces and notions you don’t normally use! But like any other project, you just have to take it one step at a time. All my coats were fairly simple, and I think this was a great way to get started. Now I’m ready to keep going and keep honing my technique!
  2. You have to invest time and money. It’s going to take more time to sew a coat and you need to allot for that. It’s also going to cost money. Materials and notions for coats usually cost a little more plus you usually just have to buy more of it (lining, size and amount of fabric for a coat, specialty notions, etc). Planning for this investment is helpful and knowing that a ready to wear coat costs more than other garments is a good way to keep it in perspective.
  3. It’s worth it! There are some items I’m beginning to think aren’t worth sewing, for me personally. I was curious to see what I thought of my handmade coats. And a part from that bomber jacket… totally worth it. I love that I could make a coat in the exact color and style I wanted! And the second I put on a blazer and it wasn’t uncomfortable and tight across the shoulders, I knew it was worth the time I put in. With more practice I would think that I could sew a beautiful coat with finishings and details that would cost me a lot more money in the store. Being able to customize and get the exact coat you want is worth it to me!

I’m so ready to move onto spring (as I sit here and watch it snowing outside…) but I wanted to wrap up my winter makes before starting to shift my closet over. You can find a lot of my winter makes here!

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