Whit’s Reviews/// Hey June Handmade

Every month I pick an independent pattern company, buy and sew up one of their patterns, ask them a set of questions you all helped me come up with, and then I tell you about it here! Thanks to your generous tips in my Ko-fi account last month, I was able to purchase the pattern, fabric, and fabric for next month. I really appreciate that! If you like these reviews but can’t contribute, liking/sharing these posts is always helpful as is just going and checking out the company I review. I’m so thankful for all your support!

I’m here today with this month’s Whit Reviews and we are looking at the company Hey June Handmade. To look through all of the pattern companies I’ve reviewed, click here!

Let’s start with the answers to our questions and then I will show you what I made. I reached out to Adrianna and she quickly responded. I appreciate the care and attention she gave our questions and I hope you enjoy her answers!

What is your design background? When and why did you start making your own patterns?

 I’ve always been more interested in the technical aspects of sewing, so from day one I started making my own patterns rather than using pre-existing ones.  I’ve moved from paper, to using Adobe illustrator, and finally to a CAD program for my drafting and grading.  I was self taught using textbooks for several years before I was able to take flat pattern drafting classes.  When I first started nearly a decade ago, PDF patterns were only just emerging and there were none for simple, every day knit basics, so that’s where I began.   

Who do you design for? Who is your Target Audience?

Anyone who loves to sew and wear comfortable, everyday basics! 

What level of sewer do you design for?

The majority of Hey June patterns are designed to be beginner or advanced-beginner friendly.  They are also designed to be very “hackable”, so you can use one pattern to create several looks.  It’s my goal to cater to those who just want to use a pattern without having to think about it, as well as those who want to save some money and get creative by using one pattern to create almost any garment they can imagine.  The HJ website is full of tutorials and free add-on patterns for this very purpose.

What is your price point and why?

Patterns are $10 – $12.  They are purposefully kept at a low price so they can be accessible to anyone without a sale. We do offer a bundle discount as well as two site-wide sales per year.

What is your size range? Why did you pick this range? What is the size, cupsize, and height that you design your block on?

In the past, it’s been 2 – 22, then for a short time it was 0 – 24, and currently it is womens 0 – 30, though it is always evolving.  Sizes 0 – 20 are a B sewing cup, and 14 – 30 are a D sewing cup (this is not related to bra cup size).  I don’t like to talk about over all height, because it is very rarely proportionate to adjustments needed in leg or torso length and I think it can set people up for failure.  Instead, I offer total lengths in my patterns for inseam and back length so everyone can make a good choice for their individual bodies.  I like to share the anecdotal data about my own body – I am 5’7″, which is two inches taller than the standard height for drafting, but I have to shorten all my tops by 2″ because my torso is so short.  If I was a newer sewist and just chose to add an inch or two based on my height, it would yield poor results.

Do you support Black Lives Matter? What are some ways that you are anti racist and inclusive in your company on a day to day basis?

Always.  Everyone is always welcome and I hope that my communities online have supported that inclusive mentality to all our members.  I am very proud to say that up to this point I haven’t had to remove any member due to hateful language and I hope that the HJ community will continue to reflect our shared goals toward inclusivity and anti-racism. 

Is there anything else you would like people just discovering your company to know?

The HJ website is chock full of helpful information if you’re just getting started.  Make sure to read the product listing, the dedicated blog post for each pattern (linked in the product listing) the FAQ, and the comprehensive overview of PDF patterns linked on the home page for all the information you may need.  Then you can venture into the tutorials and sewalongs for even more helpful information and inspiration!  We also have a very active facebook group if you have questions, and we also just love to see your finished projects!

Hey June Handmade has been on my radar for awhile, I had just never sewn any of their patterns. I decided to purchase the Evans blazer since I’m focusing on coats/jackets right now and I thought a knit blazer would be a good place to start.

I’m so happy this was my first blazer! The drafting on this is pretty great and the instructions and support offered through the blog is exceptional. I was nervous about those welt pockets after my disaster of a bomber jacket a few weeks ago, and although they are not perfect, they are pretty dang good! And more importantly (I think!) I actually learned something and understood what I was doing.

I made a straight size 8 and the fit in the shoulders is pretty spot on. I need to lengthen the sleeves next time, but because of the fabric I used I am just leaving them so they are long enough. I used this lovely ponte knit in the color new brick from Melanated Fabrics and it was really great to work with.

I had trouble with my knit interfacing but have recently seen some Instagram posts on crap interfacing and I think I need to upgrade mine. I think this may have contributed to a few issues in the collar and pockets. Sometimes it bubbled and sometimes it just peeled up and moved while I was working with it.

The construction of the Evans blazer is pretty straight forward. There are darts and fish eye darts for shaping and the collar in built into the front of the jacket. There are welt pockets and two piece sleeves, all typical elements you would find in a woven jacket. That means this looks polished and professional but with the comfort of the knit.

I never wear blazers because they are always too tight in the shoulders, but the stretch here keeps this comfy while still playing with that structured look. I really love how this turned out and will be showing some different ways I plan to wear it later this week! I enjoyed this whole process so much, I hope to be making more Hey June patterns in the future and highly recommend them to all of you!

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