My Final Thoughts on Fibre Mood

Last week I shared my final reveal of my winter module and I thought today I would share some thoughts on Fibre Mood magazine and patterns. I made 7 of their patterns over a span of about a month and ended up really loving 4 of the things I made. 2 I like and only 1 was a fail. So I think it’s safe to say that I can give this company a positive review, but let’s dig a little deeper!

First, I want to share the three tools that I use to trace and cut out my patterns from magazines. I highly recommend this tracing paper (I prefer how wide it is, makes life easier!), these highlighters (I trace my size and then use them for tracing onto the paper as well), and this curved ruler to add seam allowances. Tracing patterns is not difficult so please don’t let that intimidate you! There are a number of sewing magazines out there and if you’re limited on space or on a tight budget, they are a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck!

Ok, let’s get back specifically to Fibre Mood. The negatives for these patterns really, for me, are:

The size range could be more inclusive. Their sizing runs from a 29.9 bust to a 57.5 inch bust(here is their sizing chart). I wish they would work on expanding that a bit more. I do appreciate that they offer children’s and sometimes men’s patterns, just wish more of the sewing community could make their designs.

The sizing system used is different in every iteration. This is something that I think is meant to be helpful. If you buy a US magazine the sizing is imperial and in what we would think of as our sizing chart (0-28). There are also British sizing charts and European sizing. The problem is the actual patterns on the pattern sheet are all European. This is not a huge deal, it is easy to figure out what you’re supposed to be tracing, but I noticed a couple of errors in switching centimeters when it should be inches. I just think this lends itself to errors and we all know how important measuring is in sewing. I think we are all used to using different sizing charts and it wouldn’t be a big deal if they were consistent throughout their magazine and online instructions.

The line drawings and instructions aren’t the clearest. Ok, in a minute I’m going to say that I like the fashion vibes of their patterns but I have to say that sometimes it’s hard to see clear details and their line drawings don’t seem to be the most accurate. I had the most trouble when I was working on the pleat details of the Bonnie top and the ribbing of the Frida jacket. It actually took me going to social media and seeing other people’s photographs to find the detail shots I needed of the garments.

We also need to discuss that the instructions are very sparse. They do offer a bit more detail online and I will say that I was able to follow them, some things just took a little more work to figure out. If you are fairly confident in how the construction of garments works, you will be fine. If you are brand new to sewing, I would think these instructions would leave you frustrated!

For Pros, Fibre Mood really nails it with:

Inspirational pictures. I love the styling of the makes. From pairing handmade clothes with ready to wear and capturing a whole vibe in their photos, I think Fibre Mood excels in selling their patterns as things we actually want to make and wear. I know I said I wish they would do some more practical, head on shots so we could get a clear sense of fit and proportions, but for me this magazine is really helpful in thinking about what I want to make next and leaves me feeling inspired.

Simple patterns with trendy details. I really just like their patterns! They are pretty basic lines with fun details, and that is what I like to wear. I don’t want things that are too fussy or trendy but I still would like to feel current in my clothes. I think they nail that balance. Designers are never going to please everyone, but for me, these patterns are what I’m looking for when I’m taking the time to make my own clothes.

Consistent drafting and sizing. While what they call the sizing changes (and is annoying!) the actual sizes themselves and the fit of the garments seems to be pretty consistent. I made a 38 or size small in everything and, aside from needing to add length, it all fit well. I tried patterns from three different issues so I think I can safely say that the drafting and sizing is consistent. Once you make one of their patterns I think you will know what to expect with the others!

Social Media presence. Fibre Mood has done a great job with their instagram account. They have been offering weekly free patterns and sew alongs during lockdown and they reach out to a lot of sewing influencers so that when a new magazine is published you can immediately see what the patterns look like sewn up and styled on a variety of people. The hashtags for the patterns are very active and I know that when I needed help, it was easy to find online!

I have subscribed to the magazine and will continue to share it here and make their patterns. I find flipping through the issues really inspiring and I love their take on design. If you like what you see but aren’t interested in an entire magazine, please know that you can buy individual patterns online as pdfs.

I’m happy to continue supporting Fibre Mood and already have a few patterns marked from them for my spring and summer sewing plans! Please let me know if there are any questions you have about sewing these patterns and I will be happy to answer them for you.

2 thoughts on “My Final Thoughts on Fibre Mood”

  1. Hi, just wondering if you know what sewing cup size fibre mood drafts for? I have looked and can’t seem to find this info anywhere.


  2. Hi just wondering if you know what sewing cup size fibre mood drafts their patterns for? I usually have to do a SBA but I can’t find this info anywhere


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