Week in the Sewing Life No. 8

I don’t have much to report this week as I was kept pretty busy with appointments for Sam. All good news, but all took place during nap times so these past two days I’ve been trying to work and get him back on his schedule. Kids are a full time job I tell ya!

I did get to work a little bit on my topper for my winter module and I’m really hoping it will be finished and up here for you on Monday! I have some plans to sew this weekend, a few easy things and one that might take a little more effort.

I haven’t been able to snoop around the internet much this week but I did get back on instagram and have had a great time playing along with and following the #sewhappycolor2021 challenge. This week was pink/red and I highly recommend looking through the hashtag. You will absolutely be inspired!

I hope you have a great, relaxing weekend! The weather is supposed to be pretty nice here and I hope and I can get out on a few hikes and walks with my family.

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