Starting Something New

I want to knit something this year! Well, I would like to knit a lot of things, but I need to start with just the one.

A few years ago I bought a couple of kits to get started and then just never got the hang of it. Yesterday I decided to dive in and make something. I know it won’t be perfect, in fact I’m really wanting to start a few things over because some stitches aren’t perfect, but I know if I finish one thing I’ll get excited about continuing and learning.

I’m starting with the Beat It Beanie from Wool and the Gang, one of the kits I bought I couple of years ago. As of this morning I’m 7 rows in! Farther along than I’ve ever gotten with a knitting project! I’m dedicating a whole post to this in hopes that it will make me stick with it and show you a finished hat in a few weeks.

Learning new things is good for us. Trying, failing, learning, trying again. These are experiences we praise when our kids do them, why not keep trying them out for ourselves?

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