Documenting 2021

This year I decided I wanted to document our life as it happens. I used to scrapbook all the time but these past few years I haven’t done much beyond printing photo books (which I love and highly recommend!). I realized I missed printing pictures and writing little thoughts or stories that I might not remember later. I have nothing like this for Sam and wanted to change that.

I now scrapbook our week every Sunday morning and the pics above are what I have to show for it so far. It’s nice to reflect on the week, to play with some pretty paper, and then to be able to just put it all away until next time.

I am mostly using stuff I already own- which is a lot- although I did add a monthly subscription. When I saw Kelly Purkey was starting up a subscription again I immediately got on board. Her new shop, Paper Person , is fantastic. I’ve always loved her clean style, how she incorporates current events and fun humor into her products, and I appreciate all the times she speaks out on political issues. That’s a little rare in the scrapbooking world, so I am happy to support Kelly as I’m able!

I’m going to be checking in with this album every month. I’m happy to share any products I love (although like I mentioned, right now most of them are pretty old!) and also want to use this space as a way to check in on myself and keep up with this project.

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