My 100 day Project

January 31st is the beginning of the 8th annual #the100dayproject. This is a free, creative challenge to pick something to do and then do it for 100 days. I wanted to participate last year, and I did get started!, but then… you know. Covid happened and somehow art journaling for 100 days wasn’t what I needed. But that’s ok! I’m ready to try this year and I’ve decided to combine 2 things that help my mental health and creativity all together.

I would like to meditate and journal everyday, preferably one after the other. This won’t make for pretty pictures to share here, but I think both of these practices are valuable and can become habits after making them an intentional practice with this challenge.

Harper has said she wants to make or send cards every day for 100 days. I don’t know if that’s actually feasible, but I’m absolutely willing to help her try!

Check out the website here to learn more about this challenge and let me know if you’re going to participate. I’d love to hear about what you’re doing!

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