Sustainable Changes in my Home

In December I made the goal to find some new ways to be sustainable within my house. I have three new things I’m doing that are really easy and great ways to reduce plastic, create less waste, and make more intentional purchases. I thought I’d share them with you and I’d love to hear of any practices you have within your own home!

No more plastic dish soap and dispensers!

This may sound like a little thing, but since lockdown I noticed a big increase in the amount of plastic soap dispensers we were going though. With everyone being home all day and us all being hyper aware of washing our hands, I found us going through them like crazy. I tried to get a larger refill, but it was still more plastic!

Then I found these great sets from Grove. I’ve been ordering cleaning supplies and laundry detergent from them for awhile and I can’t say enough about these. You invest once in the dispensers and then can order the refills when you need them. What I love is that the refills are in aluminum cans! So much better than plastic. I like the quality and scents of the soap as well and now have every bathroom upgraded as well as our dish soap swapped out.

Along with the glass dispensers I’ve ordered the shampoo and conditioner bars for the kids and will report back after they use them for awhile. If you want to try out Grove, you can use this referral link to receive $10 off your first order.

A produce subscription box

I recently set up a membership with Misfits Market and I’m loving it so far. I ordered from Imperfect Foods back in Dallas and was bummed to learn they didn’t service where I live now. Misfits Market is the same concept, perfectly good produce that would otherwise be thrown out is shipped to your doorstep. You get to pick your preferences of delivery, although nothing is guaranteed. I always pick the staples (apples, greens, citrus) and then throw in a few other things that sound good.

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of produce that was in the box- that picture above is what came last week. For $35 I think this is a great green grocery option!

I have a code for this as well, use COOKWME-CG1URH to get 25% off your first order.

Monthly Online Orders

I read about this online when a friend of mine was talking about budgeting and I think it’s a great idea to be more mindful and less wasteful with your online shopping. You set a day on your calendar and that is the day you will make your monthly online order. Then you start a list or a cart and add to it as you think of things you ‘need.’ When the day comes to buy, you can go through that list and determine what is actually needed and the thought is that you will probably delete a few things after waiting to buy them.

I’ve only just started this and last week placed my monthly order. I had a list going of random home things we needed (new sheets for Charlie, vitamins for Sam I can’t find in our grocery store, and some new printer paper). Before I definitely would have purchased items as I thought of them, along with a couple more things that just seem to fly in the cart! I’m hoping this limits some of our family consumption and just makes us a bit more thoughtful before placing online orders. Good for the planet and good for the wallet!

I stand by the idea that small changes add up and these three changes are pretty small. Even in a few weeks I’ve noticed a difference and I’m hopeful I can keep making choices that are more sustainable in the year to come.

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