Week in the Sewing Life no. 2

I started on my Make Nine plans this week and dove into coat making! I’m almost finished with my first coat and I’m in love. Not only am I liking what I’m making, I have really enjoyed the entire process. I was nervous, making a coat seems daunting!, but being immersed in this project was just what I needed this week. Not only did it keep me off social media and away from 24/7 news, I’ve learned so much and am ready to try harder, more complicated coats. I’m hoping to have my finished coat on the blog next week!

The coat has taken up most of my sewing time, but I did make a few plans for a winter module and have a fun idea of a challenge to do with it. I also heard from the pattern company I plan to review at the end of the month and was excited to read their answers!

We have a family filled long weekend planned and I’m looking forward to it. I hope you’re able to carve out time for your mental health this weekend and I hope this time next week we are all celebrating a wonderful inauguration!

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