Good Books!

Last year was weird with reading, there was a period there where I just could not concentrate on anything! But by the end of the year I was back in the swing of reading every day and I love sharing books and learning about new books, so I thought once a month I would make a habit of talking about what I’m reading. You can also follow me on Goodreads- I have it linked in my side bar over there- as I love using that as a way to keep track of books I’ve read and books I would like to read.

I will be linking every book to Amazon but you can absolutely just check it out from library (what I usually do!) or go ahead and buy it from your local bookstore. Affiliate links are just easy to link to and have the benefit of providing me with a small commission if you do end up purchasing. Thank you for supporting my blog!

The first book I read this year was Writers and Lovers by Lily King. I loved this book, read it all in one sitting, and have thought back on it often. I thought King was able to talk about the writing process in such an authentic way and I ended the book feeling like the main character was a good friend. I liked the story of a part of a life, if that makes sense. We jump in as our main character is having a horrendous time and we leave just as it’s all coming together for her. I liked thinking of her before we met her and after.

Next I read Where to Begin: A Small Book about your Power to Create Big Change by Cleo Wade. This is a short little book that was a nice one to read at the beginning of the year. I follow Cleo Wade on Instagram and her work comes up a lot on my feed. I don’t know that this had any new real ideas for me to chew on, but the poetry is hopeful. I guess really it was just missing the deeper aspect for me but I believe it’s clear from the title what it is, a place to begin, and that’s just what it was.

I finished up The Creative Habit: Learn it and Use it for Life by Twyla Tharp and I admit it left me feeling a little underwhelmed. I have seen this book on a lot of lists for artists or creativity and I was excited to start the year with it. However, the only parts I found really inspiring were when Tharp actually talked about the behind the scenes of creating her ballets or stories about Jerome Robbins and Balanchine. I would actually prefer an entire book just about that! Her thoughts on creativity and the exercises she provided just didn’t always resonate with me and as I was reading I was able to imagine what it would be like to work with her. My suspicions were confirmed when I received a couple of messages on instagram from dancer friends about dancing her ballets! So I will give her credit that she seems absolutely authentic- ha!

What are you reading this month? Made any reading goals or playing along with any challenges? I’d love to hear!

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