Coat Inspiration

I’m getting ready to dive into coat making as part of my Make Nine plans and in the process I fell down an internet hole of coat inspiration. I thought I would share some of the things I found, along with patterns to go with them. I have my inspiration, a ready to wear version of a coat this person would wear, as well as an indie pattern and a big 4 pattern that you could use to make it yourself. For all of these I was thinking warm, winter coats. My plan is to look into other kinds of coats throughout this process!

My first source of inspiration is Wonder Woman. We recently watched the new movie (please don’t bother, it’s really not good!) and the only thing I liked about it was Diana’s wardrobe. Everything she wears is chic, has movement and drape to it, and is so classic. Here is what I came up with.

I thought this Mackage Mai Wool Jacket looked like something she would wear, especially in the neutral. To make it yourself, check out the Willa Wrap Coat from Jennifer Lauren Handmade or this Burda 6394. I think both would give you that elegant look!

Next, I thought Emily in Paris would be a great place to look. I’ve never actually seen this show (I know! I’m sorry!) but I’ve heard all about the costumes. I was not disappointed when I went looking, Emily wears classic shapes with fun colors or textures that make them stand out. I think this is easy to recreate!

For ready to wear, I think this red coat from Anthropologie is such a classic coat in a great color. To recreate it on your own, check out the Hunter Coat by Fibre Mood or Simplicity 8797. Both have the great shapes and would look amazing in a bold fabric.

Google Audrey Hepburn Coats and just have fun looking at all the amazing fashion that will show up. I love the clothes, and specifically the coats, she wears in Charade. That wide funnel neck, those buttons, the length of the sleeves; just some great vintage goodness.

I thought this coat from Madewell gave you a lot of those vintage elements, look at it buttoned all the way up, with a modern twist. For almost all of these coats I really think I could have found something at Waffle Patterns, they have some amazing coat patterns! But for this inspiration I think the Yuzu Raglan Coat is pretty great. I think there are some collar options in this Butterick 6385 that would make it a good match as well.

I think so many of us were inspired by the fashion in The Queen’s Gambit. The retro style in those saturated colors made it hard to beat, and Beth had some fantastic coats!

Here is a baby pink coat by Stine Goya that I found that pays a pretty nice tribute to the show. This gorgeous Lemon Pie coat from Waffle Patterns gave me all the Beth vibes (that collar!) as does Butterick 6497.

If I had to name a major fashion influence from my childhood, Claudia from the Babysitter’s Club would be at the top of the list! I was so happy with how she was portrayed in the new series and I liked thinking about what kind of coat she would like. She would definitely be wearing something trendy with texture and cool shapes.

I think this plaid coat from Anthropologie is very cool and Claudia would rock it. The Diana Dress and Coat from Lenaline Patterns has almost the exact same shape and I think Simplicity 9187 could work too (look past the dreary envelope styling!)

I never watched all of Scandal but the little I did watch left a big impression on me. Olivia Pope always looked fantastic and she had some great coats! I love how expensive and sexy everything she wore was. I couldn’t leave her off my inspiration list!

This coat from Ba&sh is amazing and I have the Willa Wrap Coat as an option again. I think this Vogue 1650 could absolutely give you that expensive, sexy vibe!

And for my last inspiration, the (future) queen of coats, Kate the Duchess of Cambridge. Something I really miss with lockdown, albeit on the lower end of importance, is Kate out and about wearing coats. She always has amazing coats, feminine and tailored with amazing details.

Kate loves to wear Catherine Walker and her coat dresses are pretty spectacular. I had trouble finding an indie pattern that had the tailoring I was looking for, but this Pepernoot coat from Waffle Patterns could come close with the right details. This coat from vogue though, 1752, when I saw it in the newest release I immediately thought of Kate! Absolutely perfect for this feminie vibe, complete with princess seams!

Are you inspired to wear, buy, or make all the coats now?!?! I had so much fun researching for this post, I hope you enjoyed it!

One thought on “Coat Inspiration”

  1. This post is a great resource for coatmaking! I’ve been watching Whitney’s coat sew along on her TomKat Stitchery YouTube channel, and have ordered a pale pink coating from Minerva. Planning to muslin for fit this weekend. I’ve made a couple of coats in the past, looking forward to digging in to this project!


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