21 in 2021

I saw this a lot last year and wanted to play along. I’ve been thinking big picture with my life, what do I really want it to look like? What do I want to add to it? What do I want to spend time on? From there I was able to start planning out how to make it happen throughout the year.

I decided to start writing down fun things that I wanted to do, things for me and for my family and it morphed into my 21 in 2021! These are 21 things I would like to do this year. You will notice a lot of them involve my home or staying close to it, but there are a few hopeful things that could happen if the world is safe to open back up again.

I have this hanging in my office and it will be something I turn to at least once a month when I’m looking at what I want to accomplish or fit into my schedule. Here’s my 21 things!

Ski as a family, go camping, knit something, take an adults only trip, go to a concert, see Sam walk, hear Sam talk, grow a garden, take 21 family hikes, make 12 delicious pies, read 70 books, make an epic sledding course in our backyard, recover my bedroom chairs, finish decorating my bedroom, decorate my living and dining room, paint the downstairs, get the office organized and decorated, ski alone midweek, make a quilt for my bed, finish my 2018 summer scrapbook, write the first draft of my book.

Boom! I’m ready and already started on some of these. Feeling the creative energy flowing and thinking big like this gave me so much to look forward to. I highly recommend it, no matter how big or small the things may be on the list, make them your own and create a year full of things you love and are proud of.

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