Top 5 Misses

This week I’m playing along with the Sewcialists Top 5 of 2020 Today is all about the misses of the year! Here is the prompt:

Top 5 Misses: We all have fails – now is the time to share the items that never got finished, were unwearable, or just didn’t work out how you wanted!

I definitely had some misses this year and most of them fall into the category of almost being good. Which means I learned something from all of these and also that I didn’t have any massive fails. Here they are in no particular order!

My Ginger Jeans

I am motivated to get pants fitting right this year, especially jeans. These are so close, but the waist band and fly are wonky and I find that I don’t reach for them because of that. Was proud of myself for trying something new and hard, looking forward to mastering jeans in the future.

The Dorian Shorts

I think this was a case of just not really liking the pattern itself. There was too much going on, the pockets, the fly front, the elastic on the sides. It felt too messy to me and it was hard to get clean finishes. The good news is that making this led me to finally making my pietra pants (which are similar but better!) and they were some of my favorites this year.


This dress!!! I love it so much! It’s so good. But I only got to wear it once and then the buttons started falling off. This fabric is too light weight for these buttons and that placket should be interfaced (it’s not done in the instructions). I’m going to fix this in the new year because it’s just too good!


Another one that is almost so good. I love this pattern and in theory love this dress, it’s just shorter than I wanted and then I like to wear. However, I’m going to pull it out this spring and summer and see if I can make it work. I simply didn’t have enough fabric, so lesson learned!

Children’s Clothes Sizing

This year I sewed something, multiple things!, for everyone in the family. And I loved it and want to continue! However I had a lot of misses with sizing. I made the kids some things that didn’t get worn much because they grew out of them or I made things that the fit was different than expected because of the size. I have learned a lot and moving forward I think the mistakes made this year will serve me well! Because I do want to keep sewing for all these long and lean people running around my house in the years to come.

What were your misses this year? None of mine were too disappointing and a lot of them are fixable. Thinking through these has been helpful in deciding what goals I want to make for 2021 and what skills I want to really focus on!

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