Top 5 Highlights

For the next five days I’m going to be playing around with The Sewcialists Top Five of 2020 prompts. I’ve had a lot of fun reflecting on my creativity this year and it’s got my head spinning with plans and ideas for 2021! Today’s prompt is…

Top 5 Highlights: What are the best/most worn items you sewed this year?

I was so excited when I started making a list of my favorite makes this year and it was more than 5, I had to narrow it down! That is a great feeling. It makes me realize that I’ve come really far with my sewing and identifying my style. In no particular order, here are my highlights of the year with corresponding blog posts in case you want to read more!

My Birthday Dress

I loved every single aspect of making this dress. Finding the fabric and having a vision immediately of what it could be, sewing it on my actual birthday, and then taking snowy pictures and getting to see it brought to life. Just so great all around!

My Workout Module

Another project that was so fun to make from start to finish and I wear all of these pieces on a weekly basis. I loved thinking through fun colors and patterns and then trying something new with my sewing. The construction made me think in new ways and I played around with designs I might not normally have. I also got to interview a great company and introduce them to all of you!

Nightgown Adjacent Attire, V7720

This was probably my most worn dress of the summer. It was so easy to put on and feel comfortable but also look cute. Is there nightgown adjacent clothing for winter or are those just called sweats? I love the color of this, the fabric, and it was fun to work with a vintage pattern. I can’t wait to pull this out again and make more flowy, loose dresses next summer.

Bathing Suits

I’m realizing as I gather these that I tried a lot of new things this year! Bathing suits were one of them. I got the same feeling wearing this that I used to get when I first started sewing. That ‘wow, this is magic!’ feeling. I also had fun hacking the pattern and making it exactly what I wanted. I don’t know that future Whitney needs many more bathing suits, but maybe I’ll go crazy this year and try some bras and underwear?

Pietra Pants

I was not excited about making these! I almost didn’t make them! I’m shouting at you because they are one of my most worn articles of clothing this fall and I’m so thankful I didn’t listen to myself. These pants are perfect. They look amazing and tailored and they are elastic in the back so that means they are the most comfortable things ever. I love the color of these but am absolutely going to make myself a more neutral pair. And probably more shorts. And maybe the version with the tapered leg. I really do love them that much!

What were your highlights this year? If you have a link, leave it for me in the comments and I’ll go check out your post! Or just let me know, what 5 things did you make this year that were your highlights?

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