I’m wrapping up my month of joy today. It’s time to quit talking about it and embrace it over here! We’ve been getting the last of Christmas ready and yesterday we took the twins shopping downtown so they could buy gifts for each other and their cousin. We stopped for pics in the elf ice sculpture and danced around to Christmas music blaring from the stores. It was lovely and simple and festive all at the same time.

I have wrapped all my presents and am happy with the shopping I did. No going overboard and the gifts we got are either meaningful or needed. Chris’ stocking stuffers are somewhere in middle America and may not get here in time, but I’m finishing up a handmade gift for him that I think he’ll love. I’ve written and addressed all my cards but have yet to find stamps, so they might be more like New Year cards and I’m sure no one will mind.

I hope you take time this week to feel all the feels, highs and lows. I hope that this weird year at least let’s you slow down a little bit. I hope next year we can all get dressed up and meet at a cool spot downtown and hug and laugh and hurry out the door so we can make that cheesy Christmas concert we got tickets to.

I hope you are able to find some joy in the here and now until then.

I have a fun giveaway coming up Wednesday that I’m very excited about, so I hope you’ll stop by for that.

Merry Christmas everyone! Much joy to you all!

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