Planning 2021

Listen. You might see the title of this post and think, no Whitney. No. If 2020 has taught us anything it is not to plan!

But hear me out! I’ve been reflecting on the year and it’s been so inspiring. 2020 was awful for so many reasons, but it also held so many good things and has made me want to really embrace where I am in my life and make the best of whatever my situation is. It’s made me realize that my mindset can go a long way and that I want to continue to learn and grow in the new year.

I am listening to this podcast series (Miranda is one of my favorites and I’m sure I will mention her in posts to come!) and it’s made me start planning my year and get excited about a blank page to dream on.

I have no control over whether or not I will be able to travel, whether my kids will be in school or learning virtually. I cannot wait to go out, to concerts and restaurants and movies! But my plans don’t have to revolve around those things. I can look at what worked in 2020 and learn from it, see what I can control moving forward or how I can pivot when things fall through. Thinking this way has given me peace and made me hopeful for the new year.

I use physical planners, I’m a big list maker, and I thought I would share the three planners I have this year.

First up is this diary by Hobonichi. I use it for brainstorming, writing, journaling, taking notes, whatever. It is my big brain dump and is usually with me at all times. The paper quality is great and they are really beautiful. It’s a step up from a notebook for me and has become an essential tool in managing all aspects of my life.

In years past I have purchased Elise’s Get to Work Book and I’ve loved it. A great system for planning and goal setting and I highly recommend. I wanted something different this year and honestly I wanted something a little more colorful and pretty. I picked up this Happy Planner and love all the bright colors but really love the weekly layouts. One side has the days of the week and the other is just spots for lists of different kinds. I think this will work well for me since my tasks are usually more for the week and less daily based!

I also picked up this cute mini planner and it is holding all my plans for this blog, my makes, and my Youtube channel. I would like to see how it is to try and grow this space and I like the idea of all my thoughts and ideas and tasks in one spot. The size is perfect, I don’t need a lot of room to write, and I love the theme.

Those are my planners for the year. I also share a digital calendar with my husband that gets used every day. I just find that physically writing down my ideas or to dos means they actually get done! I don’t need a planner to be pretty, but it does make it more fun to look at every day.

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