Thank the Teachers

We took some time yesterday to write notes to our amazing teachers. I think we’ve all learned how much teachers do this year and how much they are willing to do for our kids. I have a lot of friends and family that are teachers and I know they are all feeling the burn out. I have one friend who has had a class or schedule change pretty much every month this semester!

Our school and teachers have been such a stable presence for my kids, especially this year when they were starting the year off as the new kids in town. They have gone above and beyond to make sure they are both included (a hard task to do virtually!) and a part of the community. This semester being able to be in the classroom has been a huge gift. I noticed right away a difference in both kids after the first week of school. The stability and the normalcy are just things that we as adults take for granted in regular years.

Whether or not you have kids in school, think of who the essential workers have been in your life this year and let them know they are seen. Thank them for helping life keep going as much as possible in 2020. Words of kindness can go far, especially this year and especially when we are all feeling the weariness that has settled in.

Thank you to all the teachers! All the delivery men and women! All the grocery store employees! All the doctors and nurses! All cooks and waitresses and waiters! To all the people that make our modern world work and have put themselves at risk this year, your actions do not go unnoticed and you have helped people more than you realize.

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