Sew Christmas Pajamas!

Here’s something you need to know about me… I loooooooove matching pajamas. I’ve always wanted family pajamas for Christmas and last year was the first time we made it happen. I bought Hanna Anderson’s last year (which, I love their pjs, let me be clear. Great value, they last forever, I pass them down from kid to kid!) but this year I wanted to make us all cozy pjs.

I’ve made everyone a pair of Hudson Pants by True Bias this fall so I decided to stick with that pattern. It’s really easy to sew up, the sizing is spot on, and they are so cozy to wear as sweatpants when it’s cold. I ordered this beautiful french terry from Surge Fabrics and got to work assembly line style.

You will have to wait for the full reveal as I ordered matching shirts and am waiting for them to come in! In the meantime, I’m sure you’ll find at least one of us from now until Christmas lounging around in these pants!

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