Send Cards!

I wasn’t going to send out any holiday cards this year, but then I happened to get a great picture of the family at a pumpkin patch we were able to go to and I thought, why not?! Instead of a bulk order of pre-made cards, I’m adding a little handmade touch and making sure to write a note inside each one.

This means I’m scaling back quite a bit, but I think that’s appropriate given the year. I would rather take the time and tell the people that this year has taught me mean the most than send out a bunch of cards to cross people off a list.

Even if you don’t want to do the big Christmas card mail off, think of a handful of people that you couldn’t have made it through the year without. Or people that you miss desperately and can’t wait to see in 2021. Send them a note, Christmasy or otherwise, and let them know!

Opening the mail box this time of year and feeling the connection to friends and family is a wonderful thing. I hope you get to experience it!

Also, please enjoy the first batch of stamps as I wait for my order to come in with Christmas stamps. I feel like Trex is appropriate for 2020?!

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