Christmas Lights

In Dallas we had quite a few traditions around this time of year that took us around town. We are not in Dallas this year (and because of Covid would most likely not be doing any of those things anyway!) so we decided to look for something new and festive where we are now.

There are ice sculptures set up all around town and we decided to start the trail and go see some of them and look at some Christmas lights along the way. We had a fire in the chiminea, s’mores, and cocoa, and then as the sun went down, we bundled up and headed out to see the sculptures.

We got out and took a picture at each one and oohed and ahhed at all the twinkle lights we passed. We decided Dallas may have better lights, but that everything covered in snow made up for it.

Bundle up (or not!), put cocoa in a thermos, and go see what decorations are around your neighborhood. Turn on the Christmas music as you drive around and feel the joy of the lights in the darkness!

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