Joyful Banner!

Another project with felt today! I made a little ‘thanks’ banner a few weeks ago and wanted to make one with our favorite word of the moment, ‘Joy!’ This is less a tutorial and more an inspiration. Use what you have for a simple DIY. I’m using some muslin material that was in my stash, a piece of felt that I had on hand, and a dowel that has been in my office all year and I’m not sure what it originally went to!

Cut 2 pieces of fabric into a banner shape. Cut out whatever you want the banner to say, I just write it in pencil and go from there. You could make it more precise with precut letters, dies, or using a font from online as well.

Tack the word down with a little bit of glue and then use a fun stitch to keep it in place. You can use a running stitch in a contrasting thread to make it simple or play around with different stitches like I did.

Sew the banner pieces right sides together leaving the top open. Turn inside out and press to make the edges nice and crisp. Then fold under the top about a quarter inch, then fold again (however big to fit your dowel or however you are hanging it!) and stitch closed. There should be a little pocket to hang up your banner.

Hang and enjoy!

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