Support the Ballet!

This is usually the time of year when dancers and ballet teachers are sick to death of all things Nutcracker. We’ve usually been rehearsing all fall and are finally to the weekends where we live up at the theater.

For most companies and schools, The Nutcracker is the money maker they can count on to support them through the rest of the year. For many dancers, it is the gig they can count on, traveling around performing lead roles, and giving them a guaranteed income.

I do not know how many of the ballet companies around the country are going to survive this year. I see so many artists getting creative, teaching through, zoom, performing in parks and I’ve been trying to support them however I can!

This year I encourage you to seek out your local ballet school or company and see what they are doing for Nutcracker. I have bought a digital ticket for Ballet Lubbock’s streaming tonight, see if anyone around you is doing the same! Or maybe, if you are able, you could make a donation to their annual fund or see what they need on their website. Or just amplify their posts on social media!

The arts and artists are going to need our help this year. Why not use the holidays as an excuse to support a wonderful tradition however you can this year?

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