Felt Ornaments

Today I have a craft that I thought I would originally make with my kids, but they weren’t at all interested so I just made them myself! ha! I do think this is one you could absolutely modify for a family craft.

I love working with felt. I think you can make some beautiful, simple projects and I really like the look of embroidery on felt. Today I’m sharing some simple felt ornaments. I ordered some of this felt because the quality was great and I loved the color options. For high quality felt I’ve also used this site before!

I started with a couple of cookie cutter shapes, you could also do simple circles or stars, and traced them out on the felt. I cut out two of each so I could stitch them together.

I made simple stitch designs on the images using embroidery floss. I chose a silk embroidery floss for horse and I will say it was really difficult to work with so for the gingerbread man I used regular floss and the result was much better!

After decorating, I sewed a blanket stitch around the edge (here’s a great tutorial!) and added in a little loop at the top to hang for our tree!

Simple, cute DIY that your kids could help out with (if they wanted to!). I also think these would be really cute present toppers.

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