Decorate an Outdoor Christmas Tree

Our house is surrounded by evergreens so it only made sense to decorate some outdoor Christmas Trees! You don’t need pine trees to make this happen, decorate a few trees in your yard or a park for the birds and squirrels.

We made a garland with cranberries, dried oranges (I put slices in the oven at 200 F for a couple of hours until they are dry and smell delicious), pecans, and popcorn.

For ornaments I tried my hand at making some bird seed ornaments-and it was kind of a disaster. So instead I halved an orange and hollowed it out, then filled with bird seed and hung it up in the tree. Maybe we will practice these and make it a regular craft throughout the winter!

I’ve also bought some solar powered string lights and we have put them on one tree with a couple more to come. The sun is setting around 4:30 so we all cheer when the lights come one.

Bringing a little winter festivity to the outside is an easy, joyful thing to do and you can make it as simple or as intricate as you want! Who says Christmas trees are only for inside your home anyway?

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