Make New Traditions

I didn’t post yesterday because I was out making memories! We live an hour and 15 minutes from some great skiing and when resorts started rolling out their plans on how they would be opening this year (every resort seems to have different reservation systems) Chris and I started making plans.

We are going to trade off taking the twins on weekends to ski. We’ve reserved spots, booked lessons, and are excited to make skiing something we can do as a family. I admit that Friday night the kids and I all got a little anxious. Me with getting them there on my own, navigating all the covid restrictions, and worrying if it would all go smoothly. They were more focused on the actual skiing and what the lesson would be like.

I’m happy to say that all three of us had a great time and we are in the process of making a new Saturday winter tradition! It was easy to get up there, they have a ton of staff around all over the mountain so following protocols is easy and I think it may actually work, and the kids’ lesson was awesome.

Now I know all of you can’t go skiing, I wish you could! (Call me when we can all travel safely again and I’ll give you a place to stay and all the scoop on where to rent gear and where to go ski!) But we can all look around and see if there’s something new we can try. Maybe it pushes us out of our comfort zone or maybe it’s just for right now and not a tradition to keep forever. Sometimes thinking of trying something new, especially when other people are involved, is overwhelming. I’m saying that a lot of the time there is joy in pushing ourselves a little and stretching outside of our comfort zones.

Skiing is definitely a metaphor. It’s a hell of a lot of work to get out on that mountain! And even when you’re doing it, it’s still hard. But there is nothing like the sound of your skis in the snow and the feeling of that cold air rushing into your (mask covered) face. It’s so worth it even just for that one run or that one pause at the top to look out over the beautiful mountains.

Some traditions can’t be kept this year. How can we fill those holes with new memories? New joys?

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