Happy Feast of Saint Nicholas

Last night the kids set out their shoes by the door and this morning they were filled with (chocolate) gold coins and a couple of candy canes. This is the first year we aren’t at church to celebrate the feast of Saint Nicholas so it was fun to do a little something special at home.

I have this beautiful book that tells the story of the Bishop that would become a favorite saint. Santa comes to our house on Christmas Eve and I don’t make today too big of a deal, but it is a fun tradition and a nice way to talk about the joy that comes with giving gifts to others.

Take a cue from St. Nick and think about the joy you can spread to others and get your whole family involved in the process! Why not go ahead and make gift lists for the people in your life that you want to get presents for? Or find out if there are any toy drives still in need in your area?

This week we are going to be making some homemade gifts, sending cards and letters, and thinking of any other purchases we need to make before Christmas. The older kids love getting involved in this and get as excited about giving as they do about getting. Something especially meaningful on the feast of Saint Nicholas!

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