Our Favorite Family Games

It’s that time of year where the sun is setting at 4:30, we’ve watched literally every movie on Netflix (thanks Covid!) and we’re tired of puzzles. The time of year when we need to kill an hour between dinner and bath time because omg how is it still only 6pm? I could of sworn it was midnight!

Time to bust out the games! We’ve played a lot of games these last few weeks and I thought I would recommend our favorites in case you need to restock your game cabinet. I want to preface by saying that this is an instance where having twins makes life easier. They are the same age and can handle the same games, so it’s not like I’m trying to balance a lot of different ages now. Keep that in mind and know that if your kids are too little for a lot of family games, their time is coming and there are plenty of younger games to be enjoyed and save these for after bed time!

Let’s start with my least favorite, What Do You Meme? This one is ridiculous, it’s literally about making memes, but your kids will love it, it’s not offensive yet still manages to be funny, and it can be played by a lot of different ages. I would say a younger sibling that likes jokes could tag along if he wanted to. It also goes quickly if you’re looking for a fast game!

Next we have the kids’ favorite, Throw Throw Burrito. Now, this one is absolutely ridiculous and the grandparents are going to read the directions and think they don’t want to play, but trust me, they do! This one is hilarious and the good news is everyone will be pelted with a burrito at some point, there’s not a lot of skill or strategy involved, and it can also go fairly quickly.

Blockbuster Trivia might be my favorite and it’s a great game for a wide age range. I think you can even have younger kids ‘help out’ as it’s a game with teams. There are cards with movie titles in different categories and you have to quote, act, or use one word to get your team to guess the movie. We’ve played this with my family and I don’t know that I’ve ever laughed that hard. My only complaint is that after a long weekend we cycled through all the movies and started having repeats. I wish they would come out with additional cards!

Last, my family’s current favorite, Exploding Kittens. This one we tried last year and the kids didn’t quite get it, but at 9 and a half? They are ruthless and have beat Chris and me every single time! A game of strategy, you are trying to be the last person standing, with lots of silly cards and the party pack comes with options for smaller games and larger groups. We’ve been playing this every night after dinner!

What games are your family’s go tos? We are getting a pretty good collection and I foresee us playing a lot more in the months to come. These are just the ones that we have been reaching for the most lately, I hope you find a new one to play with your family!

All the links used in the post are affiliate links and when you purchase anything using the link, I get a small commission.

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