My Birthday Dress

There is an expression in the sewing community ‘sew frosting’ and this make right here is allllll frosting! I’ve been sewing a lot of cake recently- the practical, wearable pieces in my wardrobe that I reach for over and over- that I wanted a little frosting for my birthday.

I saw this fabric in one of Star’s instagram sales. Every Thursday she has a preview of fabric that is either vintage or deadstock that she puts up for sale on Friday. When I saw the preview of this gorgeous velvet knit, I knew immediately that this would be my birthday dress. (go follow her shop site at Shop Well Fibre!)

I made V9311 and I sewed it up yesterday during Sam’s nap- it really was that easy to make! I made the size 10 and did take in quite a bit at the sides of the bodice so that plunging neckline would be just right.

I am obsessed with the drama of this dress! The neckline, the sleeves, the split, and the floor length. It’s amazing and it’s exactly what I pictured when I held this fabric in my hands for the first time.

Do I have anywhere to wear this? Absolutely not! Do I care? No! Knowing that it is hanging in my closet waiting for me is enough. Or maybe I’ll just traipse around the living room all month in it, I don’t think my kids would be shocked at this point.

Making something glamorous and completely impractical for my birthday was so fun. I wish you a little frosting in your future!

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