December Goals

At the beginning of November I made myself 3 goals that went beyond ‘listening and learning’ and were actionable items that would make some kind of difference in my community.

I donated to the runoff campaigns in Georgia, I sought out a local food pantry (it’s right by my house so I hope to make this a regular thing!) and made a donation, and I started my holiday shopping looking at smaller businesses I could support, going local where I could.

It can feel like there are so many problems in the world, what can one person do? I like these bite size chunks and thought I would share three more for the month of December!

  1. update my Amazon Smile to make sure that any purchases I do make there (because I don’t know if we can holiday shop in 2020 without Amazon? As much as we try?) help contribute to a worthy cause.
  2. Seek out ways to be sustainable within my house. I’ve started changing over some plastic items with glass and want to do more! I will absolutely share good solutions when I find them.
  3. Plan out my 2021 budget with Chris and decide who we will donate to and set up monthly donations. I figure as many streaming services that we have, we should have as many monthly contributions.

I share these things here so you will hold me accountable! To share some ideas and to get ideas from you. We need to talk more about tangible actions and less about abstract ideas that make us feel all warm and fuzzy.

Let me know anything you’re doing this month to make the world a more just and beautiful place for all of us.

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