Find Adventure Close to Home

As I’m writing this, our state has moved to level red meaning most public places are shut down. There won’t be much getting out this month for shopping or fun holiday events, so we are going to have to get creative.

We used to get out a lot with our kids, but since lockdown in March we’ve gotten really good at finding adventures close to home. Read this post to see my tips on hiking with kids!

Here are some ideas for things to do when you’re tired of being inside your house!

Get out and walk I know. The least exciting sounding thing, but do it. Put on a coat, grab your dog, grab a stroller, put in headphones, try a different route, try a different neighborhood, walk to pick up food, walk to pick up coffee, walk to stalk neighbor’s Christmas decorations. Whatever! Just get out on a walk.

Create a Scavenger Hunt Give your kids a list of 10 things they have to find and give them rules on where to find them. Must be only in the yard, can be within the whole block, whatever feels comfortable to you. Give them a camera and let them take pictures of what they find. Give them a piece of paper and have them draw it. Give them a bucket and have them collect things. Make the list nature themed, make it kooky, make it easy, or make it extremely difficult. Make a prize at the end and send them out to explore!

Invest in Outdoor Spaces You’ve probably spent a lot of time this year realizing what you like about your home and what you want to change. Might I suggest looking at your outdoor spaces and figuring out easy ways to update them? New furniture for a patio, plan out a garden, buy some new pots, new lighting, maybe research and prep for work in the spring, get the kids a swing set for Christmas, or a basketball goal, or call that guy to fix the driveway so it’s nice a smooth for roller-skates. Dream big or just think small fixes. Whatever you need to do to create a little oasis for yourself however big or small your outdoor space may be.

Go find a new park Look up green spaces where you live and go find one you’ve never been to before. Grab some blankets and snacks and stay there awhile. Bring your work with you, or just a book. Hike around or just sit and observe a new space. No matter where you live there is something new to see!

Window Shop Mask up and find a neighborhood to walk around and window shop. Venture somewhere new, somewhere you normally only drive by, and see what kind of shops and places are there. Small businesses are hurting! If shops are closed take note of places to support online.

Picnics This one is good if it’s getting on lunch time and everyone is getting cranky. Move lunch outside. You don’t even have to go anywhere, you don’t have to make anything fancy. Put your phone on the charger and take your food outside to eat. It changes things up, makes the food taste better, and kids will think it’s amazing even if it’s just goldfish and string cheese.

Invest in the Right Gear A lot of us are looking at winter weather and maybe the thought of getting everyone outside makes you want to lie down and take a nap. It’s a lot. The boots… dear God the boots on little feet… Anyway. It’s worth it! But having kids complain about being cold is a bummer, so stock up on long johns, good socks, hats, gloves, snow pants, and a good coat. The better the gear, the more fun the adventures will be!

Just get out! We’ve binge watched everything anyway by now! Just get out. Even a few minutes can change your mood around. Schedule it in your day to get outside and dream up some fun adventures close to home. Who knows, today a walk, tomorrow you may be setting up a campsite and learning how to gut a fish!

There is joy in adventures, big and small, but it’s up to us to seek them out!

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