Documenting my December

There is a concept in the scrapbooking world called December Daily. Ali Edwards came up with it and now carries a full line of products that sell out quickly every year! A lot of companies make products with the concept of documenting December in mind, and I have tried my hand at an album of some kind for probably the past 5 years now.

I don’t know that any of my albums ever get ‘finished’ but even looking back at just a few days worth is still really fun for the entire family. This year I took this traveler’s notebook journal and a bunch of supplies I’ve accumulated through the years, and set myself up with a December Daily. I’m hoping that my kids will help me this year and that every day we can document some kind of story- big or small- and keep it in this journal.

If this sounds like too much, don’t do that! But if you’re wanting to document the season here are a few other ideas

Order a Chatbook at the end of the month with all your favorite pictures. Last year I did the little monthly books and I loved them so much. I filled them with pretty pictures but also with random pics of our every day life. They are a joy to look through and really nice quality for $5.99 a book. You can use my code U4E74UV9 to get your first book free!

Keep a shared album- with your partner or kids or friends or family- on your phone and update pictures to it. Chris and I have a shared album with drop off selfies- literally just selfies of whoever is dropping off the kids at school everyday- and I love it so much. Do the same with a loved one, it would be especially nice if you can’t see each other this year, and add in fun pictures from what’s happening in your life.

Hashtag your photos on instagram. If you share a lot of pictures, make a fun hashtag (check that someone else isn’t posting to it already) and tag all your December pictures or Christmas related pictures with it. It’s fun to go back and click that hashtag and see what comes up.

Take time this month to print and display photos. I feel like we all take more pictures than ever before and I don’t know that we are printing them as much as we used to when we all used film. Take time this month to invest in printing, framing, and displaying your favorite pictures around your home. I ordered these canvas prints from Chatbooks (not an ad and I know a lot of companies sell them!) and I love the price point and how they hang with adhesive so they are easy to change out. A great way to get a lot of bang for your buck if you’re wanting more pictures around your house.

When we seek out small, good moments and document them some how, we make a habit of finding the good in the hard days. We will be able to look back at this year and see that there was love and joy along with the stress and loss that feels ever present. I think this kind of practice can only be good for the soul!

Do you document the month?

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