One Piece, Three Ways

I love when I have a new item of clothing to share, whether I made it or bought it!, but the most sustainable way to get dressed is to use what you already have. Thinking along those lines I decided to start a new series; One piece,Three ways. The idea is simple, take one piece of clothing from your closet, maybe something you always wear the same way or something you want to love but never seem to reach for, and find three unique ways to style it up.

I’m starting with this skirt. It’s a classic polka dot skirt that hits just at my knees. It’s cute and flirty and I have had it for years and have worn it maybe once. I think the length is one that I don’t love- I prefer either shorter or longer- and it feels a little preppier than what I normally wear. But it’s a great piece and I love the idea of it, so time to see if I can style it up in three different ways and actually get to wearing it.

First up is one of my favorite ways to wear skirts these days, with a t-shirt and white sneakers. This Frida shirt is from the DMA exhibit years ago and I recently purchased these Steve Madden sneakers when they were on sale. I added this green jacket for warmth and to add some more color. I love how casual and fun this looks.

I am here for this trend of pairing a chunky oversize sweater with a swishy skirt. This sweater was a gift and it’s super soft and cozy. I added these fun booties I bought a couple years ago and I think I would add my navy tights to this as well. A great way to take a springy skirt into the fall.

And speaking of fall, I went for co ed vibes with this one. I thrifted this Madewell sweater recently and I love that rich caramel color with the navy. I pulled one of my husband’s shirts for a fun play with patterns and added these oxford style booties to complete the look.

Since styling up this skirt for this challenge I’ve already worn it a few times with completely different pieces from my closet! Just thinking about it in a new way has made this skirt more of a go to piece in my closet. It’s silly to have a closet full of clothes and not love everything in it, let’s start wearing what we already have! Go pick something in your closet and see if you can find 3 new ways to style it up!

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