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Every month I choose an indie sewing pattern company, buy one (or more!) of their patterns, sew it up, and review it for you. Along with my thoughts on the actual pattern, I reach out to the company and ask them a few questions that all of you have helped me come up with. My goal is to help us all find smaller companies that are doing the work to promote sustainability, inclusivity, and allyship within the day to day runnings of their companies.

Today I’m happy to talk about Greenstyle Creations. I found this company over the summer and was so happy to find a source for activewear and performance wear patterns. I shared everything I made to build up my workout clothes Monday if you want to check out that post here!

I decided to make two of their patterns as well as buy some of their fabric (yes they sell fabric!!) I made the Power Sports Bra and Cavallo leggings, and not just once! I made multiple sets to all mix and match! To see all my thoughts on these patterns, check out this video! In short, I love them and have been wearing them non stop. So many great options and details and the instructions take all of the scariness out of making your own activewear.

I reached out to Greenstyle on a Thursday afternoon and by that evening I had their full reply and a discount code. I would say that I can definitely recommend them for customer service after that experience!

To find out more about Greenstyle, please read their answers to our questions below. I highly recommend this company and if you want to go support them, you can use discount code GS15WM to get 15 % off all sewing patterns from now until October 31st. Happy sewing everyone!!

What is your design background? When and why did you start making your own patterns?

I actually have a degree in mechanical engineering. I have been sewing since I was about 5 years old and always love creating my own clothes.  I started making patterns about 8 years ago when the PDF patterns were just getting started. 

Who do you design for? Who is your Target Audience?

I design mostly adult patterns with a few kids patterns here and there.  I love to design athleisure and technical performance patterns.  

What level of sewer do you design for?

We have everything from beginner friendly patterns to intermediate.

What is your price point and why?

our patterns range from $6 to $14.  The prices reflect the options and size ranges available

What is your size range? Why did you pick this range? What is the size, cupsize, and height that you design your block on?

Our older patterns are from XS to 3XL but our new patterns (starting 1 1/2 years ago) are different and sized alphabetically  from B to M so from a 32″ hip to a 62″ hip

Do you support Black Lives Matter? What are some ways that you are anti racist and inclusive in your company on a day to day basis?

At Greenstyle we support sewists of all abilities, backgrounds, cultures, gender identities, sexual orientations, races, religious beliefs, and nationalities. We stand behind our message of inclusively, and during these difficult times, we stand with our Black sewists and all others in the Black community.

Is there anything else you would like people just discovering your company to know?

we have a very active and supportive FB group and we would love to have your viewers and listeners join our group.

Thank you Greenstyle Creations for taking the time to be a part of this series!

One thought on “Whit’s Reviews/// Greenstyle Creations”

  1. Thanks for this helpful review! I also read through your blog post of all your athletic wear makes. Could you provide more details re: fit for Greenstyle’s patterns that you tried? I.e. your measurements vs. what size you made, how do you find the fit after you made them, any adjustments you made, or adjustments you would make in the future? Anything like that would be helpful! Thanks!


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