Plans for September! All the Kids Clothes!

Wednesday I shared everything I sewed this past spring and summer and… it was a lot! And 99% of it was all for me! Which is great, it’s why I sew, but when I was looking into my fall plans and determining what I needed, I couldn’t get excited about much. Then I cleaned out my kids’ closets to get ready for the cooler weather, and I realized all three of them have gaps in their wardrobe.

So I’m taking the month of September and sewing all the kids clothes! I am following Whitney from TomKat Stitchery’s module plan and making 2 bottoms, 3 tops, and 1 topper for each child. I’ll focus on each kid for every month of September so you can see my plans and final makes. I’m hoping planning it out this way means it will all get done so they can have everything in their wardrobes ready to go as the weather is already turning cooler!

I’ll be using patterns from Ottobre magazine as well as quite a few Love Notions patterns. I love looking at ready to wear to get inspired for kids’ clothes and love playing around with bold colors and fun prints. Most of what I’m making is knit, a lot of sweat shirting, and a lot of things that can be layered up in colder weather.

Another great tip for keeping your children in clothes that fit is to buy second hand. A lot of our thrift stores aren’t open here yet, but some are and I plan on exploring a few in the coming weeks. Kids grow so fast that you can usually find great stuff that is in great shape. I’ll let you know if I get to make this more sustainable option happen!

I’ll share what I’m making for Sam on Monday, but the picture is definitely a preview. Have a great long weekend, hope you get some time to make something!

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