Reading// I’m reading Breathe by Imani Perry and The Hidden Life of Trees by Wohlleben. I’m really enjoying listening to The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner . You can see all my current reads in the Goodreads side bar —–>

Listening// Chris and I really like listening to The Daily podcast pretty much every day. The two part episodes on cancel culture gave us a lot to think and talk about!

Making// I have a dress almost finished that I hope to share with you Friday as well as a couple of pair of pants that will wind up my summer sewing.

Praying// For rain! It is so dry here, there are 5 fires right now in Colorado, 2 of them are massive. We are not in the range but it is smoky and just adds a level of anxiety knowing how dry everything is.

Prepping// For the start of school. The big kids start school next week and I’ve been sorting through clothes and foot wear, getting new lunchboxes and back packs, and labeling all the things. It’s such a weird start to fall, but I’m hopeful that they will have a great year and that all the extra measures their school is taking will keep everyone healthy.

Writing// I bought this journal for Harper and me to pass back and forth and we both love it so much. I highly recommend for any mothers/daughters out there. It works well for her age and I could see it being fun for a tween. Teens you might have to coerce a little, but depending on your relationship it could absolutely work! I just saw that theres a mother/son one too and I may have to see if Charlie is interested in it!

Watching// Lovecraft Country on HBO. Since reading the book this spring (Chris is reading it now) I have been looking forward to this show and the first episode did not disappoint. It’s beautiful to look at, the sets and costumes are great!, and I’m loving seeing a very visual novel brought to life on the screen. It’s nice to have something to anticipate watching every week.

Hoping// For a safe school year. For this pandemic to get under control. For those out of work to find a job or get assistance. For rain for the whole country it seems. For an honest election. For a new president and leadership for our country. For all of you to be safe and well!


One thought on “Currently///August”

  1. Whitney,
    Your posts are always a reliable source of smiles for me. I am delighted you are enjoying The Hidden Life of Trees. I was captivated by it years ago and have found myself reflecting on it often when I work in the yard or observe how people grow root connections through experiences and passions.

    You also mentioned journaling with your children. Our daughter recently led a stop action film camp for little boys. It was a huge hit. If they tire of writing they might enjoy this alternative story recording approach.


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