A Possibly Finished Dress

I sewed up this dress last weekend and can’t decide if it’s finished or not. I’ve seen this dress all over instagram and I’ve seen iterations of this style everywhere. It’s a great dress to make in cool summer fabrics and just trendy enough with the tiered skirt option.

I bought this eyelet knowing I wanted to experiment with this fabric this summer, either in a skirt or as a dress. I love it combined with this pattern but just didn’t have quite enough for that second tier piece. This means this dress ended up a little shorter than intended and is what makes this only possibly finished.

I added a strip of fabric to give me a little bit of more coverage, but I’m not sure how necessary it is? I also don’t know if it’s too short or just shorter than I was planning/what I usually wear. I’m debating whether or not to buy more fabric and add a third tier. If I do that I will get enough to make my daughter a little matching dress too as she loved this fabric when I showed her!

What do you think? I am also considering buying a coordinating plain fabric and making a little slip dress to wear underneath. Right now I have a nude slip that is fine, but I think a matching color in a cool cotton would be lovely.

ACS_1293///Pattern Details///

Pattern and Version: M7948 version C with D sleeves

Size/adjustments made: straight size 10, no adjustments needed. I did finish with bias tape rather than a facing, simply because of the fabric. I also left out the pockets for the same reason.

Fabric: This Circle Dot Embroidered Cotton Eyelet in Olive from Style Maker Fabrics

Final Thoughts: A simple, breezy summer dress that I could absolutely see myself making again. I did not have enough fabric however, and am stuck on what to do (if anything!) with this dress. Love the sleeves and it’s very simple to make. A beginner to sewing would have a lot of success with this trendy pattern.

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