How I’m Organizing my Sewing Patterns

Recently I have taken the time to organize my sewing patterns and it’s been so helpful to me, I thought I would share what I did with you! I watched this video from Mimi G and loved how she had her own big book to flip through and get inspired by when she was looking for something to sew. So I took her initial set up and added a couple of things of my own and now I’m really happy with my pattern situation.

I took all of my Big Four patterns out of the envelopes and put them in these mailing envelopes. The pattern envelopes, with the picture and information on the pattern, goes into a page protector. Then I use some old scrapbooks to sort patterns by type and write the name/number of the pattern on the envelope and file it away. My indie patterns get the line drawings and fabric requirements printed off and, if the pattern is printed, they go into their own larger envelope.

I love it because I can flip through and pull patterns I want to make with very little fuss. Then when it’s time to make the pattern, it’s easy to find it’s matching envelope and pull it out. Looking through patterns inspires me and this makes it so easy!

Patterns that I know I want to make or that I’ve made and haven’t blogged about yet get put in a smaller binder and kept out on my desk. This has helped me stay organized and on top of sharing my makes. It’s also great when I need to buy fabric because everything I need is right there with placing orders.

Sometimes one of the most fun things of sewing is simply planning and dreaming up makes, so having a highly functional system for my patterns has made my entire process much more enjoyable. I’m hoping to add in my sewing magazines soon and will share that when I do!


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