August Styling Challenge

I decided to give myself a little styling challenge for August. I have been having trouble getting motivated and I see a difference in my mood on the days that I get ‘dressed.’ It seems like a little thing but it’s weird being home all the time and this sets a marker for when my day begins and I think I’m more productive and present when it feels like a real day. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I thought trying every week day in August to style an outfit would be a fun experiment.

I went through my closet and pulled some pieces that fit in a color scheme. I pulled things I know I love, things I want to wear more, and I added in my latest Nuuly box. In the end I have 10 tops, 4 skirts, 2 jumpsuits, 5 pants, and 4 dresses. So a bit more than a capsule but a lot less than my whole closet? Also, 16 of these items are handmade which was a happy accident.

I am focusing on color this month because color makes me happy. As I’ve started sewing in colors that make me feel good I am building a collection of pieces that I’m really proud and comfortable wearing. It’s a great feeling!

I plan on sharing my outfit of the day on my Instagram stories and then maybe will do a big wrap up here at the end of the month. If you feel so inclined, pick out a few of your favorite colors and try to wear them more this month. Even if you are home all day, you can still look cute! Tag me with #whitsstylingchallenge if you do!


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