In Search of the Perfect Button-down

I have in my head an image of a perfect button down shirt that I can wear tied up with my high waisted pants. I… don’t know if this is the version I had in mind? I bought this pattern at the end of last summer, all of the versions look like really wearable pieces that could all look very different from each other made up in different fabrics.


I bought this linen last year for a different button down shirt, but ended up wanting to give this pattern a try. I love the weight of this particular fabric and how it is still drapey enough for this style. I also bought these lovely buttons from Tabitha Sewer and am very happy with the quality. They were wonderful to work with and I think they look really nice on this shirt!


My main issue with this shirt is that it just feels too big. In the pictures I have unbuttoned the last button and tied it up to make it shorter and hit at my natural waist. To be fair, the pattern does say it is very loose fitting and it’s my fault for not doing a little more research. But also, maybe I wasn’t clear on exactly what I wanted until I made this up? I am going to try and style it up in the coming month and wear it a few different ways, so even if it’s not the shirt I was originally planning on it will still be something I like to wear.


Here are your pattern details!

Pattern: M7976, version D

Fabric: A Robert Kauffman Essex Yarn Dyed Linen from Fancy Tiger Crafts, buttons are these lovelies from Tabitha Sewer

Size made/Alterations: I made the straight size medium. Seeing how oversized it is, I may size down to the small next time as I am right on the border of those sizes.

Final thoughts: I am proud of this garment, it’s really well made and some of the construction details are very nice. I love the pleats in the shoulders as well as the drafting for the sleeve and yoke. It’s pretty simple to make as it doesn’t have a collar, just a facing, and I think with a few tweaks it would be something I love.

3 thoughts on “In Search of the Perfect Button-down”

  1. Ummm…..I know someone who is slightly larger than you who might really like this top!

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  2. This top looks so comfy and cute on you. If you want a more fitted style, Mimi G has this one with Simplicity and here is a free one I saw on Mood.
    They are both sleeveless and you would probably want to lower the hem, but I think they have the fit your looking for. I also made Simplicity 8655 which is has the front tie, but no buttons and fits more like a jacket. Good Luck!


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