Three Tank Tops

These past few months I’ve noticed a change in how and what I sew. Lockdown and not being able to pop into a store whenever I want meant that I got creative with the supplies I had on hand. I’ve gone through all my thread (even if it didn’t exactly match) and my fabric stash has gotten very low. I have been taking my time (no rush because there’s no where to wear the new clothes) and really considering what I want to make. Will it be something I love? Something I reach for again and again? Now that I’ve started making purchases I take the same consideration into what I buy along with examining the companies I’m giving my money to. I hope that when this dark time in the world is over, I keep these philosophies with me and remember that there were some benefits when I didn’t value convenience above all else.

These three tank tops are a result of needing some basics for summer and using the last of these rib knits that were in my stash. I’ve sewn up the terra-cotta and blue fabrics this year and had just (and I mean just!) enough left to eek out a tank top. The purple was a remnant I bought from Blackbird Fabrics some time last year. I’m not sure the color is great on me, but I think I can layer it up and get a lot of wear out of it as it’s very soft and cozy.  I am not huge on crop tops, but plan on wearing the terra-cotta tank for working out or sleeping in and maybe as an under layer with other tops.

I already owned this pattern from Seamwork, the Julia tank, and it’s very simple, just two pattern pieces. I wish they included the pattern for the bindings, but it’s not hard to cut out on your own. I made up the size small and found all three to be really big on me so if I make this again, I will size down.

The construction is easy, and while not the most exciting of makes, tank tops are things I wear all the time and I know I will wear these often.

Have you found that the pandemic has changed how you approach the seemingly small things (like hobbies or more mundane tasks) in your every day life?

Pattern details!

Pattern: Julia tank by Seamwork

Size/modifications: Small, had to take in on the sides after making

Fabric: bamboo rib knit from Blackbird Fabrics, mine were all scraps but click here to see their entire selection

Overall thoughts: Simple pattern, I don’t know if it’s the best tank out there but if you’re looking for a looser fit it’s definitely an easy one to reach for.

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