I Would Love Your Input!

Hello!! I had a very exhausting week last week but am happy to report for all of y’all that knew what was going on that Sam’s tests have all been coming back normal. A huge wave of relief has been passing over me and I have been resting and taking care of myself.

Today I’m back at it and planning ahead for the coming month (how is it almost August?!?!) and I would love your thoughts on something. I want to start highlighting smaller pattern companies and my plan is to buy a pattern, make it, share the process with you, and contact the designer directly so they know what I’m doing and can provide any information they want before I share my thoughts. I would love to send them a few questions ahead of time that are the same for every designer. Right now I know I want to ask about where they stand with Black Lives Matter and how they are implementing anti racist policies in their business as well as other inclusive polices they adhere to. I would also like to know the size range they offer as well as their reasoning behind it.

What other questions would you like to know before you buy from a lesser known or smaller indie company? Are there any specific companies you think I should look at? Anyone that you love and think deserves attention or anyone you’ve seen but haven’t tried yet?

I’d love your input! I want this to be a series where I can help out my fellow sewists by introducing them to or reviewing how a company works and also I want to help out designers and get their name out there to more people! I have no intention of being overly critical (my thinking is if something is really bad I will contact that company behind the scenes and give them a chance to fix it!) but also to be honest and helpful so that you as a consumer know what you’re getting into.

Please let me know here, on my YouTube channel, or send me a DM on instagram and let me know what you think! I have a company and pattern ready to go and would just like to get my framework for this series in place before I start.

One thought on “I Would Love Your Input!”

  1. It’s a good idea. Also, include a short bio, since most entrepreneurs have to go through some sacrifices to start their businesses, and that often gives you a lead to continue the interview on a specific subject.

    You could also include ideas to transform a pattern to match the latest trends. Many people tend to overlook a pattern because it reminds them of the 1990s (in a bad way), so you can give those patterns a second chance to be loved.

    I hope that helps a little bit.

    Have a wonderful day!


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