Welcome to Whit Makes!

Hello! Hello! I have recently picked up quite a few new followers here, on Instagram, and on my youtube channel. I’ve been thinking and planning for the next few months and want to be more intentional about what I post on all three platforms and how I want them to work together.

So,I’m going to try something new for the next two months. The posts I have planned center around sewing/making, sustainability, styling, organization/tips and tricks, and art.  I’d love to really hone in on what it is that I want my online spaces to be and when I think about what I’m passionate about sharing in the online world, these are the things that pop up the most!

Moving forward you should see posts here on the blog every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  This month I have Youtube videos planned for almost every post- I don’t know if that’s sustainable in the long run, but right now it’s what I have planned. My instagram grid will be mostly sewing and blog related posts but I’m sure I’ll still get personal in my stories!

I still love books and food and exploring and I’m sure those things will sprinkle in, but I know that my passion is making and uplifting other makers. I’d love to be a voice that you come to for inspiration on how fashion and creating can impact the world in a positive way. I’ve been thinking so much on how racial justice, the fight for environmentalism, and sustainability all link together and I think art, and making in general, fit in with all these things.

I hope you’ll follow me on whatever platforms you prefer and I hope you leave my space feeling uplifted and ready to go out and make something yourself!

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